Tretinoin Gel (Tretinoin)
4.65 / 156

Tretinoin Gel (Tretinoin)

4.65 / 156

Tretinoin Gel (Retin-A Gel) is a reference medicine for treating acne and skin care with numerous therapeutic virtues. It ensures the appropriate skin care for both healthy skin and the skin with dermatological diseases.

Tretinoin was developed in the 1960s and is now essential in fighting against acne. This product is top-rated due to recognition of its new properties, such as enhancement of the regenerative processes in cells and skin rejuvenation.

Tretinoin Gel

Drug Info

  • Brand Name: Tretinoin Gel, Retin-A Gel, A-Ret Gel;
  • Active Ingredient: Tretinoin;
  • Manufacturer: Menarini.

Tretinoin Gel and its drug substance Tretinoin

This drug manages acne due to a special active ingredient, Tretinoin. The active substance has a unique mechanism of action and properties, including:

  • Tightens pores;
  • Accelerates the excretion of sebum accumulated in ducts;
  • Reduces inflammation in sebaceous glands;
  • Prevents the clogging;
  • Regulates skin oiliness;
  • Prevents the formation of new acne.

Among other key benefits of Tretinoin Gel is its ability to improve the appearance and texture of the skin:

  • The wrinkle reduction. Tretinoin smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It increases the skin's density and elasticity, rejuvenating it.
  • Reduction of the visibility of spots and scars. The gel corrects acne scars, brightens sunspots, and evens out skin tone.
  • Skin renewal. Tretinoin Gel accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells, making the skin fresher and smoother, like new.

It should be mentioned that Tretinoin has excellent therapeutic effects. However, it may take several weeks before you see the result of regenerative processes.

Indications for use

Tretinoin Gel is licensed, approved, and certified for

  • Topical use in the treatment of acne.

Acne may be of any form and severity.

Treatment regimens and dosages

The standard way of using this drug is the following:

  • The usual dosage – a pea-sized amount of gel is applied once daily, usually in the evening;
  • The place of application – gel is applied to the T-zone, cheeks, or other areas with acne;
  • The duration of treatment – usually more than 7 weeks.

How to use Tretinoin gel

It is essential to prepare the skin before using the gel. Remove the makeup and clean your face with a mild skin cleanser. Wait a few minutes after cleaning the face until the skin is dry, then proceed to the next step.

Follow the recommendations given below:

  • Do not apply too much gel on your skin, and don’t use it more than once daily; it will not enhance its efficiency;
  • Distribute the gel evenly on the affected area of your skin and around it;
  • It is recommended to massage the skin while applying the gel;
  • Moisturize your skin when dryness or peeling appears; use sunscreen and nourishing masks;
  • Don’t worry if you experience an exacerbation of inflammation during the first weeks of therapy; this process is normal.

Using gel regularly following the manufacturer's recommendations is important to get the best results. Usually, the product is applied in the evening when you have no makeup on. Remember that improvement of the skin condition takes time, so be patient.

During Tretinoin Gel for acne use, you can put on makeup and apply your favorite moisturizers. Give preference to non-comedogenic products. If you have any doubts, consult a doctor or pharmacist to find the best option.

Missed Dose

Try to avoid dosing mistakes, like doubling or missing a dose. Nothing terrible will happen if you can’t or forget to apply the gel once. Just skip this dose and use another one as scheduled the next day.


You should consider the precautions listed below when using this product:

1. Avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Exclude Tretinoin Gel getting into the eyes, eyelids, nostrils, and mouth. In the event of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water to avoid irritation and discomfort.

2. Do not use several skin care products at once.

Please wait if you use other products. Your skin needs time to recover to avoid irritation.

3. Protect yourself from the sun and UV.

Sun exposure may lead to additional skin irritation. It is important to minimize sun exposure when using the gel. However, if you can’t avoid being in the sun, use sunscreen and a hat.

4. Take a pause after the sunburn treatment.

If you have a sunburn, wait till your skin fully recovers before starting or continuing acne treatment. If you spend the whole day in the sun, do not use this gel in the evening.

Use of Tretinoin Gel during pregnancy

Although Tretinoin Gel is usually applied on face skin and systemic absorption is minimal, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy without consulting your doctor.

Possible side effects

The active ingredient Tretinoin acts on the skin surface or in the stratum corneum and is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, most side effects are local and appear on the skin. The most common are the following:

1. Dryness

Dry skin is one of the most frequent adverse reactions when using Tretinoin Gel. It is related to the work of the active ingredient, which draws out excess sebum. The effect disappears after a few days as the skin gets used to the product.

2. Redness

Some people may notice redness in the areas of the gel application. Tretinoin stimulates blood circulation and cell renovation, so redness appears. However, this effect may indicate that you use too much gel.

3. Peeling

The side effect is associated with exfoliating the top layer of skin and stimulating cell renovation. It is recommended to use moisturizers to manage peeling.

4. Intensification of sensitivity to the sun

Renewed skin is more sensitive to UV light, so it’s important to use sunscreen and limit time spent in the sun before going outside.

5. Allergic reactions

Some people may experience allergic reactions to Tretinoin and other gel ingredients. It may manifest as itching, redness, rash, or edema. If you have the symptoms described above, stop using the product and consult with your doctor.

Tretinoin Gel for acne: interaction with other drugs

It is important to inform your doctor about all drugs you take:

  • Any creams and ointments, especially with high alcohol concentration;
  • Keratolytics (used to treat dry skin, calluses, etc.)

Skin irritation may appear or intensify under the influence of chlorinated or salt water, sunlight, or solarium.


You need to follow specific storage rules to preserve an acne drug's safety and efficacy until the expiration date. The recommended temperature is from 15° C to 30°C. Do not store in a bathroom or kitchen because these rooms are subjected to significant changes in humidity and temperature.

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  • A-Ret Gel 20g 0.1 %

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  • Paul North

    A-Ret gel 20g 0.05%l reduced my acne scars and made my skin much healthier in 3 months. There were no side effects. The reason is my dermatologist advised me to use it only once a week during the first 14 days. So, I didn't experience any peeling or irritation phases. I hope my tip will help someone. Good luck!

  • Frances Rudd

    Tretinoin gel makes things worse before they improve, but keep using it anyway. That's the key to success. In my experience, mild acne healing is possible in 2 months. Had to go through redness and irritation during the first two weeks. But then there was pure pleasure to use it.

  • David Wagoner

    The product helped to get rid of adult acne in three months. No problems in the process of use. However, the gel has dramatically increased my sensitivity to the sun. I have to use sunscreen.

  • Leighton Goins

    Tretinoin gel has genuinely improved my skin on many levels. Initially, I started to use the gel for acne, but with time, I saw its effects are much more than just curing pimples. After my skin became clean, I continued using Tretinoin for fresh, moisturized, and even skin. No regrets so far.

  • Mabel Milligan

    The doctor prescribed me this med for hyperpigmentation. I chose the gel form because I have oily skin, and applying the product with a lighter texture is easier. Retin-A gel leaves no traces on the skin. My skin got used to the product during 3 weeks. The skin is not peeling now, but I also see no visible changes with pigment spots. It is too early.

  • Dream Dodge

    The first weeks of use were terrible. Acne began to look worse than before. I also felt burning. But the doctor told me that it was normal and soon those symptoms would go away. I was convinced that he was right a month later. Gradually, the skin condition began to improve. Acne is getting smaller and smaller.

  • Elle Lowry

    I have never written reviews before, but A-Ret Gel 20g 0.1% is worth my time. I have been looking for a remedy for acne for ten years. Only this drug could clean my skin FOR A LONG time! I stopped using it 3 months ago, and so far, I do not have outbreaks. The drug has a significant lasting effect.

  • Lauren Gore

    It is a good gel for those who suffer from hormonal acne and do not want to take pills.

  • Adriana Chu

    I can write a review after one year of usage. I think the gel works, but be ready for some side effects. I had extreme skin dryness and couldn't use any makeup during the first two months. But then… I understood what all those things were for. My pores started to look smaller, acne scars began to fade, and my skin took on a new life. It's amazing!

  • Brooklynn Bingham

    It's the only effective thing against pigmentation for me. At first, I peeled like a snake. But from the second month, things went better. By the end of the fourth month,, most of my spots have become much lighter,, and I continue applying Tretinoin gel daily. Totally recommend it.

  • Daphne Greenwood

    I'm a 25-year-old woman who suffers from "mild acne." My face was riddled with tiny pimples and whiteheads. I have been using A-Ret gel 20g 0.025% for a month, and my skin is already clean. 100% satisfied.

  • Fiona Kay

    In my fifties I still had problems with acne because of my oily skin. After I tried Retin-A gel, my skin became much drier in a good way. On top of that, I can really see an antiaging effect after 3 months of usage. Wrinkles do become less visible.

  • Lola Reece

    Life changer! Before I tried this gel, I thought I should get used to hormonal acne flares before my period. It turned out Tretinoin could efficiently deal with that problem. What a blessing!

  • Payton Holbrook

    A-Ret gel 20 g 0.05% reminded me of what it is to have smooth skin without acne. After 5 years of fighting acne, I almost forgot what it's like to have beautiful skin. The first month of treatment was not easy. I had to go through redness and skin irritation. But I knew that many faced this problem and waited patiently for improvements. In my case, they happened only at the end of the second month. The acne healed, and now my skin looks gorgeous.

  • Daniela Tatum

    I'm only 27, but my skin always looks dull and tired. I eat, exercise properly, and spend enough time outdoors, but my face still looks instantly tired. The beautician advised me to use this gel. After a month of use, I noticed that my skin shone. It becomes more fresh and smooth. It is a delightful feeling.

  • Kevin Blue

    I recommend this acne remedy if you are willing to endure it for the sake of beautiful skin. I was so tired of acne that I was ready to go a couple of weeks with a red, peeling face. Then, the skin began to clear. After three months, my pimples almost disappeared. I wish I had known about the existence of this gel 10 years ago.

  • Kaia Rainey

    So, around five months ago, I asked my dermatologist to give me something to prevent acne scars. I went right into everyday usage of Tretinoin Gel. I was expecting inflammation and redness, but neither appeared. The product is excellent. There is some peeling, but the scars are gradually diminishing. It's the main thing.

  • Myla McClellan

    I started using the Retin-A gel for the antiage effect. After a week of use, my skin turned red, there were shells and irritation. I'm not willing to make that kind of sacrifice to smooth out wrinkles, so I stopped using it.

  • Oakley Drew

    I have very sensitive skin, which is prone to wrinkles. So, at 28, I have signs of aging: wrinkles around the eyes, enlarged pores, and pronounced nasolabial folds. Tretnoin Gel is the first antiage remedy that I tried. And it really works. After two weeks of usage, my face seemed to adjust to the gel, and there was no more irritation. My pores became smaller, my skin's suppleness improved, and my face appeared plump and moisturized. I'm happy I tried this gel.

  • Gemma Lund

    Very effective remedy for hyperpigmentation. But you need to be very careful. No pillings! Constant use of sunscreen! Your doc should approve every other thing you apply to your skin to avoid complications.

  • Clark Ott

    Thanks to this gel, I got rid of acne in my thirties. Very pleased. I recommend the drug.

  • Molly Sullivan

    I understood the meaning of the phrase «problem skin» when I was studying at the university. Then, for the first time, I had to seek help from a dermatologist. I used A-Ret Gel 20 g 0.05% for four months. Starting from the second month, my skin began to dry, blush, and become crusted. But the doctor said I should continue my treatment. It's so good I listened to his advice. My face miraculously cleaned up after the third month. It was incredible. My skin is practically perfect, except for a few minor blemishes.

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