Strattera (Atomoxetine Hydrochloride)
4.74 / 166

Strattera (Atomoxetine Hydrochloride)

4.74 / 166

Nowadays, several types of modern drugs are used for ADHD medication treatment, including Strattera. Its main benefit is that it belongs to a class of medications known as non-stimulant agents. It is often prescribed to people who have had unsuccessful experiences with stimulants.

ADHD, left untreated in children, leads to worse behavior, falling behind at school, and other negative effects. Timely treatment may help reduce symptoms and better manage this state in everyday life.

The drug increases attention, reduces excitability, and eliminates the signs of neurobehavioral disorders. It is also considered to lower the risk of developing obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

Strattera Generic

Drug Info

  • Brand Names: Strattera, Atomoxet, Concentin;
  • Active Ingredient: Atomoxetine Hydrochloride;
  • Manufacturer: Eli Lilly.

Strattera and its active ingredient Atomoxetine

ADHD is an imbalance of major neurotransmitters in the central nervous system - norepinephrine and dopamine. Strattera restores neurotransmitter imbalance, causing a positive effect on such brain functions as concentration, attention, feeling of pleasure, and behavior.

Usually, the effect is seen rapidly (within 7 - 21 days) after the start of treatment. Strattera is believed to increase stress resistance, improve memory, stimulate creativity, and help focus on completing specific tasks like studying and doing homework.

Indications for use

Strattera is prescribed and can be an important part of the treatment in the following cases:

  • For ADHD in children over 6 years;
  • For ADHD in adults, provided that the disorder's symptoms have already been present in childhood.

ADHD, as a neurobehavioral disorder, is the most common indication for using pills Strattera. The drug can help children over 6 years, young adults, and adults manage symptoms of the disorder, including inattention, incontinence, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

It is essential to understand that the therapeutic effect may not be felt immediately but only in several weeks, less often after a few months. That is why one should not make hasty conclusions about the ineffectiveness of the pills at the start of the course.

Treatment regimens and dosages

Oral pills Strattera contain the main component Atomoxetine and is available in several dosages: 40 mg, 25 mg, 18 mg, and 10 mg. A variety of doses allows selecting the optimal option for adults and kids.

If Strattera is prescribed to you or your child, the treatment will start with a low dosage that may be gradually increased. Preferred dosage regimen:

  • Usually, treatment in children begins with 0.5 mg/kg daily, then 0.8 mg/kg daily, increasing to 1.2 mg/kg daily, and keeping the maintenance dose at 1.2 mg/kg daily;
  • 1.8 mg/kg dose per day should not be exceeded unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Possible dosage regimen for children (over 40 kg) and adults:

  • Usually, the initial dose is 40 mg per day, then it is increased to 80 mg per day with a further maintenance dose of 80 - 120 mg per day;
  • 120 mg dose per day should not be exceeded unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

A disorder such as ADHD can be treated with Strattera and behavioral therapy. The treatment is usually prescribed by an expert like a pediatrician or psychiatrist; however, the state may be monitored by a general practitioner.

Recommendations for use

To get maximum effect from the treatment, follow these tips and recommendations:

  • Do not miss taking the pills;
  • The next dose should be taken at the same time daily;
  • You can choose the time to take the pills: once per day (usually in the morning) or twice per day (in the morning and evening);
  • Do not crush or chew the pills before taking them;
  • Swallow whole pills before or after the meal.

In any case, follow the instructions for taking medications. Your doctor may withdraw treatment; it should be done gradually within 2 - 3 weeks.

Missed Dose

Skipped doses should be minimized for treatment to be effective. Avoid taking extra doses and other inaccuracies. If you missed taking the pill during the day, skip it, but remember to take the following dose on time.


When using the medication, precautions must be taken:

  • Remember that treatment starts with low doses that are gradually increased at one-week or longer intervals;
  • The dose should be increased with caution for people with liver problems;
  • Parents or other persons with parental responsibility must monitor a child’s behavior after the use of the pills, especially at the beginning of treatment;
  • If you are concerned with slow growth or weight gain in a child with prolonged use of the pills, consult your doctor;
  • Strattera may cause cardiovascular side effects. After starting the medication, you should monitor the impact of the drug on heart and blood pressure;
  • The drug can cause aggression, fatigue, drowsiness, or fainting. Avoid operating dangerous machinery, driving, or working at height until you know what effect the medicine has.

Use of Strattera during pregnancy

The drugs containing Atomoxetine are not suitable during pregnancy. Taking Strattera or any other medicines during pregnancy should be assessed with caution. The decision to prescribe the medication must be taken by a doctor, taking into account the potential risk to the fetus and the mother. Discuss it with your doctor if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

Possible side effects

This drug has been on the market for more than 20 years. It has been tested to detect the types, severity, and frequency of adverse reactions. Although clinical studies have proved the effectiveness of this treatment method, there are some risks associated with the drug, including:

  • The reduction of appetite;
  • Stomach discomfort;
  • Vomiting;
  • Insomnia or early morning wakening;
  • Dizziness;
  • Mood change;
  • Blood pressure increase;
  • Urination disorders.

If you experience these or other adverse reactions, they are most likely to be mild and short-term. However, you should contact your doctor to get instructions and additional information.

Strattera: interaction with other drugs

The drug interaction is an alteration of the effects of one drug by the impact of another. Potentially, Strattera can interact with the following drugs and drug classes:

  • Ventolin;
  • MAO inhibitors;
  • Some antidepressants;
  • Medicines that can raise blood pressure.

Inform your doctor what other drugs and dietary supplements you are taking to avoid the possibility of drug interaction.


Keep your medicine in the original packaging until it's time to use it. Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Avoid storing in a moist environment. Keep out of reach of pets and children. Follow the instructions if your pharmacist or other health care professional does not tell you the expiration date.

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  • Cheryl Walker

    I just turned 21, and I've been using Strattera for about five years. The tablets help me relax, improve my mood, and enter into a state of focus. Everything a woman with ADHD dreams of.

  • Ann Anderson

    It's a perfect med if you want to bring the normal concentration back and don't feel like a drugged zombie.

  • Teresa Palmer

    Unfortunately, this medication is not for me. I could not overcome the side effects, and my anxiety increased. Can’t blame the med; every brain is unique.

  • Anthony Bishop

    So far, so good. Everything works as it should. For two weeks, I felt no change. I also had insomnia and a slight nausea. Now, I'm beginning to feel a little more concentration and energy. I'll see how things go.

  • Rachel Clark

    I am glad that I was prescribed this drug. It helped get rid of not only inattentiveness but also helped with my anxiety. My personal miracle.

  • Monica White

    I have a lot of experience with stimulants. Of course, they always helped me to concentrate. But it was like I wasn't myself anymore. Strattera is not like that at all. Two weeks after starting treatment, I could do my homework on time and enjoy clarity of mind without serious side effects. And there is no crash like with stimulants.

  • Miriam Moore

    I have been taking the drug for three months. The main effects I noticed are the levels of my calm and concentration. I've become calmer and more attentive than ever before. And I really like it. Totally recommend this med.

  • Miranda Martinez

    If this drug is prescribed to you by a doctor, do not hesitate to start treatment. I was terrified because I read negative reviews on the Internet. But in reality, everything was not so scary. Yes, I had insomnia and nausea. But the doctor prescribed me a sleeping pill and explained that the drug should be taken with food. After two weeks, the side effects almost disappeared. Today my concentration is the same as that of an average person. I do not break down deadlines or suffer from mood swings.

  • Kate Lewis

    Overall, I am still satisfied with the effect of the drug. But it took me several months for the side effects to subside. At first, I felt nausea and pain in my stomach. Now, I am enjoying the results. My concentration has reached a high level, and I can finally live a normal life.

  • Patrick Carter

    At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with depersonalization and ADHD. I was glad, as a lot of things fell into place and it became clear where the symptoms were coming from. The first drug I was prescribed did not suit me. It caused me insomnia and increased anxiety. I know Strattera helps a lot of people. But it's not my case.

  • Phoebe Baker

    I wish I'd tried this drug sooner. I used to take stimulants when I was a kid because they were prescribed to me by doctors. I learned about Strattera from a friend with the same diagnosis and asked a specialist to write me a prescription. The results exceeded my expectations. The drug eliminates procrastination, helps you concentrate faster, and doesn't affect your personality like stimulants do.

  • Diana Torres

    I started taking this drug four months ago. On the one hand, I like the effect. I have become much better at university. I don't have to sit at my computer for three hours before I concentrate and start doing my job. But! I've lost 14 pounds, and even my favorite foods don't make me hungry. If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to say goodbye to the drug.

  • Ben Nelson

    I could never focus because of this terrible brain fog. Strattera helped a lot. And I hadn't any side effects. Probably I'm the lucky one.

  • David Roberts

    My doctor recommends Strattera as the best treatment for ADHD; non-stimulant and without severe side effects. My experience proved he was right. My dad had ADHD, I have it, and probably my kids will have the same diagnosis. It's nice to know what medicine really helps.

  • Sarah Mitchell

    I took Strattera for severe ADHD. Even though it took some time for me to notice the change, I was pleased with the outcome.

  • Daria Adams

    I've been using Strattera for ADHD for half a year. It makes me more discreet and attentive. Pills have brought my self-control to another level.

  • Florence Green

    My child with neurobehavioral disorder was prescribed Strattera a month ago. I already see the effect and can write a review. My daughter's inattentiveness and indiscretion became much less apparent. She is still hyperactive, but her performance at school is much better. Teachers are pleased with her achievements and grades. I'm happy we found this cure.

  • Scott Young

    I just started therapy with Strattera, and I haven't noticed the wow effect yet. But it looks like the pills are starting to take effect. Everything is as my doctor explained. Some people need about a month to feel the result. I hope the symptoms of my ADHD will leave me sooner.

  • Lara Perez

    My diagnosis is a bipolar disorder with concomitant ADHD. My doctor thought I needed no stimulants and prescribed Strattera. The drug helped me almost immediately, already on the 6th day. Now, I can concentrate even on uninteresting tasks and feel much more energy. I was told that with time ( about a month), the effect of the drug increases. Well, I look forward to it.

  • Matthew Knox

    I am 25 years old, and earlier, I used a stimulant to deal with inattentive type ADHD. However, the expected result was not followed. My life was worsening - constant mood swings, dizziness, low libido, etc. Then, one specialist advised me to try Strattera. My body got used to the medication for about two weeks, and I experienced constipation and drowsiness. But then, I was rewarded for my patience. I became more at ease. I'm usually tense. I have also observed that I pay more attention to all my tasks. Thanks, Strattera.

  • Jylian Chamberlin

    Only recently, I learned that I have ADHD, Although I have had symptoms since childhood. I have tried different pills. Stimulants did not suit me at all. Many side effects nearly ruined my life and did more harm than problems with concentration. Then the doctor advised me Strattera. After only ten days, my concentration and attention increased significantly. I started making fewer mistakes on tests and homework. Also, it became much easier to remember new terms. As for the side effects, I noticed only a significant reduction in appetite. This drug became my salvation and the main assistant in learning. 10 out of 10.

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