Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine)
4.71 / 201

Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine)

4.71 / 201

Plaquenil is a drug for malaria with a moderate immunosuppressive effect. The ability of controllable reduction of the protective properties of the body made Plaquenil one of the main drugs for the treatment of the first wave of the coronavirus disease. It has a wide range of pharmacological action and is used, among other things, in severe autoimmune diseases.

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Drug Info

  • Brand Name: Plaquenil;
  • Active Ingredient: Hydroxychloroquine;
  • Manufacturer: Sanofi.

Plaquenil and its drug substance Hydroxychloroquine

Plaquenil was developed and marketed as a medication for malaria. Its drug substance was approved for medical use in 1955. The WHO has included this medicine in the list of essential life-saving medicines.

This drug has a fairly wide range of therapeutic options, but its popularity rocketed in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though Plaquenil has not been approved officially by the WHO and the FDA yet, in some countries it is used to help patients in coronovirus and lower the death rate. Clinical trials are still ongoing and the drug is likely to be officially recommended for the treatment of COVID-19 in the nearest future.

At the same time, Plaquenil still remains one of the main medicines used to treat a number of serious diseases.

The drug substance Hydrochloroquine has the properties of a moderate immunosuppressant. After it gets into the body, the synthesis of the rheumatoid factor and the components of the acute phase reaction decreases. It also accumulates in leukocytes, stabilizes biochemical processes, and inhibits the activity of many enzymes, incl. collagenases and proteases that cause cartilage breakdown.

The mechanism of its action in relation to the symptoms of malaria and systemic lupus erythematosus is not fully known, but there are practically no alternative drugs with such effectiveness.

Indications for use

Plaquenil 200 mg is prescribed for:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • Malaria.

It is possible to use Plaquenil for dermatological diseases caused by sunlight. Plaquenil is used in different COVID-19 variants.

Possible ways of buying Plaquenil

Plaquenil is sold in most countries of the world. It is a prescription drug that has a rather specific effect. You can buy Plaquenil in local drug-stores only with a prescription.

If you go to a doctor for a prescription for Plaquenil for Covid-19, he will most likely not prescribe this medicine for you and offer alternative drugs or a standard set of antibiotics, immunostimulants, etc. If you want to buy Plaquenil without a prescription, to order the drug online is the only option for you to do it.

You can buy Plaquenil online with delivery to any country, which is listed on the pharmacy website. Surely, you should evaluate the possible risks and benefits of Plaquenil and be sure to consult your doctor before starting treatment.

Treatment regimens and dosages

Plaquenil dosage and treatment regimens depend on the age of the patient and the type of disease.

In each case, it is necessary to individually approach the issue of dosage selection and adjust it during treatment.

For rheumatoid arthritis, Plaquenil is prescribed at a dosage of 400 mg per day. In 1 week, it is possible to increase the dose up to 600 mg per day. After symptom relief, the dose of 200 mg per day is used for maintenance therapy.

For systemic lupus erythematosus, Plaquenil is taken at a dosage of 400 mg to 800 mg. The dose is increased gradually, depending on the evidence of the therapeutic effect. The maintenance dosage is also set at 200 mg per day.

In the case of an acute attack of malaria, Plaquenil is taken according to a specific regimen:

  • Day 1: 800 mg;
  • Day 2: 400 mg;
  • Day 3: 400 mg.

According to a simplified regimen, it is also possible to take a single dose of 800 mg. However, this may be a quite strong blow to the liver, so you need to evaluate contraindications and possible risks.

For Covid-19, Plaquenil was taken at a dosage of 200 mg to 400 mg per day. The treatment lasted for up to 4 days, and then a doctor evaluated the results and changed the treatment regimen. This medicine is not recommended for long-term use.

Recommendations for use

Plaquenil 200 mg is for oral use only. The pills are taken with meals or with a glass of milk.

The drug substance Hydrochloroquine has a cumulative effect and it takes several weeks to achieve its therapeutic effect. Every 2 weeks, it is necessary to conduct examinations and evaluate the patient condition to predict the dosing regimen and the result.

If within 6 months the patient condition does not improve, the drug is canceled.

Missed Dose

Follow the treatment regimen and the intervals between taking pills. If you miss an intake of Plaquenil, wait until next time. You should not take two or more tablets at once. This can cause side effects.



There is a fairly big list of contraindications that you should carefully consider before starting to take Plaquenil 200 mg.

  • Plaquenil is contraindicated for patients with lactose intolerance, retinopathy, severe ophthalmic pathologies, liver failure.

The drug is not prescribed for children under 6 years of age. If a child is older than 6 years old, but his body weight is less than 31 kg, Plaquenil is also not recommended for use.

You should take Plaquenil with extreme caution and possibly at a reduced dosage in the following cases:

  • Hematological diseases;
  • Psychoses;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Severe gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Neurological disorders.

To put it simple, if you have any chronic disease, tell your doctor about it before you buy Plaquenil and start using it.

Use of Plaquenil during pregnancy

It is strongly contraindicated to use Plaquenil both during pregnancy and lactation. The drug can cause serious damage to the fetus if it crosses the placental barrier. The potential threats include: disorders of the CNS, auditory nerve, and disorders in the formation of the eye retina. So, potential risks are higher than any possible benefits for the mother.

Possible side effects

Rare side effects: skin rash and itching, skin pigmentation, mild dermatitis, hair loss, swelling, and fever.

More widespread side effects: nausea, diarrhea, tinnitus, headache, muscle cramps, nervousness, changes in liver function tests.

Side effects have various severity, so it is impossible to predict them without a doctor evaluation. So, when taking Plaquenil, it is very important to monitor the health and consult a doctor at the first side effects.

Hydroxychloroquine: interaction with other drugs

Hydrochloroquine may interact with a number of drugs:

  • When taken together with Azithromycin, the risk of side effects increases;
  • When taken with insulin or antibiotics, the hypoglycemic effect increases;
  • When taken with antiepileptic drugs, their effectiveness decreases;
  • When taken with Cycloporine, its blood plasma level increases.

Also, Plaquenil can increase the effect of drugs that prolong the QT interval and because of this patients may experience a serious heart rhythm disorder.


Store in a dark place, out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 20°C.

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  • Zach Dowey

    I'm not sure if it was Plaquenil that helped me beat Covid-19, but after using it, I felt much better. Maybe it's a placebo effect, but I think it helped me.

  • Casey_200

    My wife had a hard time with Covid and was bedridden. Her whole body ached and there was a strong weakness. Neither antibiotics nor other drugs helped her much. Plaquenil worked well. There were no particular side effects. Just a little thing that I won't even talk about. But after Plaquenil she got much better.

  • Charlotte MacGeraghty

    I took Plaquenil for Covid. It was scary, but I was ready for anything not to get in the hospital. I think that it worked well and helped me easily endure the disease.

  • O'Donoghue

    Plaquenil combined with antibiotics is good for Covid. It helped me very much. Consult your doctor if you don't trust the opinions of those who already have had experience of covid treatment.

  • Jackson Dorgan

    Some people say that Plaquenil doesn't work with Covid. But I think that it works. The drug helped me a lot. I took it when I was sick and felt better than the rest.

  • Madison Kinnerk

    Hello! I have been using Plaquenil for quite a while now. Almost 7 years. Do not ever forget about the side effects associated with this drug. The side effects are massively underestimated. Make sure to have your retina examined at least once every 6 months. The treatment and consequences otherwise are extreme, to say the least.

  • Finn Raferty

    My condition is not as severe in comparison with some comments. But it nevertheless is very limiting. The pain especially affects my perception of visitors to my business and my mood in general. I am taking Plaquenil once in a while to brighten up the way I treat my colleagues and visitors. I am too young to be on edge all the time.

  • Ella O'Kennedy

    I hope someday there will be a medicine for RA without all the scary consequences. Meanwhile, I can not imagine my everyday life without the Plaquenil.

  • Heidi Sullivan

    I am taking several prescriptions on a daily basis. The side effects from Plaquenil are considerably lower. It does make me feel nauseated, and sometimes it is followed by headaches. But it is nothing in comparison to the joint pain. Fresh air takes away the dizziness and headaches, so i take short walks. I am just glad to be able to move around the house.

  • Edward MacHugh

    Hi! I’ve been using Plaquenil for 5 years. I switched to generic version about 2 years ago to avoid long any term effects. But no other drug would provide me with the same pain relief. Therefore, I decided to resume the regular treatment course.

  • Rian Murrily

    Initially, I was on Methotrexate for my palindromic arthritis. As the condition became worse over the years, I have switched to Plaquenil as it was suggested to have a stronger effect. It did yield better results as the pain subsided significantly, but I need to take it on a daily basis.

  • Nadia Kilroy

    I am 77 years old and I had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 22 years. I take regular eye exams due to the dangers of extensive Plaquenil use. Fortunately, nothing serious has ever occurred.

  • Blake Madigan

    I have made several attempts to inquire about possible side effects for Plaquenil, as I do not wish to be concerned about additional ailments that may progress alongside the treatment course. Reluctantly, I have accepted my therapist suggestions and must admit that the effects have exceeded my expectations. I have an active life-style and can not be bothered with such inconveniences as the joint pain.

  • Sam Kerrisk

    I take Plaquenil for rheumatoid arthritis. I can go about my daily tasks without much problem, although some discomfort remains. I am still searching for another product with similar characteristics but with fewer side effects, at least, so it can be used intermittently.

  • Leah Lally

    I wish someone would have told me about the Plaquenil earlier. I was on painkillers and got into some trouble as I’ve got somewhat attached to it. Finally, I got smarter and did the actual proper health exam and my suffering turned out to be due to arthritis. Plaquenil alleviated the suffering in far better ways than the painkillers I’ve gotten so used to.

  • William

    I take Plaquenil on a regular basis. I am in my late forties now. The only thing that concerns me is the potential eyesight damage, as I already have a very poor eyesight. Any additional factors may simply slip past unnoticed.

  • Joe Troy

    I am only 32 years old, but I felt like 60 several years ago when I started to have pains in my back and knees. At first, I thought it was because of my office job and the lack of exercise, but my biking trips only made it worse. I was in denial still, since I really want to avoid any sort of medical examination and hospitals especially. After several humiliating episodes at parties, I finally made a decision to look for some painkillers at least. As it turned out, the Plaquenil is the best answer to my troubles.

  • Hugh Horan

    Plaquenil keeps me going, that’s for sure. I would be constantly chained to the armchair otherwise.

  • Madison Henry

    I began taking Plaquenil about a year ago. I really dislike the current tendency of medicating oneself for every tiny syndrome. So I tried to remain positive, and decided to go my own way without the use of any prescriptions. I did everything by the book, which included better diet, natural remedies, full night sleep etc. Well, my knees did not buckle, but my work schedule did. I was not able to catch up with everything. Plaquenil is the only supplement I take on a daily basis. It does take away all the limitations, including the pain. Let’s hope that this will be the only medication on my to-do list.

  • Patrick Pender

    Hi all! I have been using Plaquenil for about 15 years by now. The medicine works fine for me. I take eye exams frequently to monitor for possible side effects. So far, so good.

  • Conall O'Mahony

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last year. My shoulder joint would hurt once in 6 months when I was younger. But the pain for some reason would become more frequent. I stopped going to the gym. Swimming became my only option as there would be less side effects afterwards in comparison to lifting weights. Nevertheless, the diagnosis was quite a shock. I thought arthritis is common with older folk. I was prescribed Plaquenil. To my great relief, actually, as my shoulder would keep me awake from time to time.

  • Séamus

    Between me and my wife, we had arthritis maybe for 10 years. I take Plaquenil once or twice per day, it depends. My wife keeps reminding me about poor eyesight, perhaps it is important. She makes regular visits to see if everything is ok with her eyes. Personally, I did not observe anything wrong with my eyesight.

  • Corey MacCartan

    I am 57, and I have been using Plaquenil for over 7 years. It eases the swelling on my joints and takes away most of the pain. There are days, however, when this medicine is less effective, but it is all I can rely on, otherwise I am not functioning at all.

  • Myles Geary

    I have had RA for many years now. Plaquenil takes away the pain. I would not be able to work without this drug.

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