Sexual fears of men and women

The first sex act with a new partner is exciting thing. But, as it turned out, excitement and even fear can accompany sexual partners for years and prevent them from fully relaxing.

And despite the fact that most sexual fears are due to our stereotypical thinking, men and women still equally experience a certain level of anxiety. Yes, you heard it right. Men also have many fears in sexual relationships and worry about how they look in the eyes of their partner.

Fear is not always bad, especially if its function is within real measures against undesirable consequences. For example, when people are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases and take precautions.

However, judging by the fears with which people turn to sexologists, most of them are far-fetched and have no real reason for concern.

Sexual fears of women:

  1. Body related fears: (beauty, sexuality, figure, flexibility, etc.);
  2. Fear of experiencing pain or discomfort during sex;
  3. Fears related with the opinion of your partner about your sexual abilities;
  4. Fear of getting pregnant;
  5. Fear of contracting an infectious disease;
  6. Fear of expressing one's desires or rejection of a particular action.

Sexual fears of men:

  1. Fear of competition and comparison with the previous partners of a woman;
  2. Fears associated with individual physiological characteristics (penis size);
  3. Fear of quickly ending the sexual intercourse;
  4. Fear of erection weakening (anxious expectation syndrome);
  5. Fear of looking sexually passive;
  6. Fear of unwanted pregnancy of a partner;
  7. Fear of contracting an infectious disease.

If we draw a parallel between the fears of men and women, we can distinguish some features:

  1. Fears of women are mainly based on the psychological perception of themselves;
  2. Fears of men are mainly related to physiological their capabilities and the ability to satisfy a partner.
  3. At the same time, both men and women are afraid of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

But, as a rule, only common fears are more logical and require careful consideration. As for the personal perception of oneself and one's capabilities, they are more disturbing without any basis.

So, before intimacy with a partner, it is very important to determine for yourself what is the trigger for anxiety and discuss this with your partner. Don't be afraid to open up. Your sexual partner has the same taboos and fears in sex. And if you take the first step, you can open your partner and find out what is his or her fear in sex. Having worked through these fears, your intimate life will become much better, more sensual and give completely different emotions and sensations.

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